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grant Emerson

Laser Perfection is a Norwich-based business founded in 2022 by Grant Emerson with the primary goal of assisting individuals with laser tattoo removal. Grant’s passion for helping people originated from his experience as an SMP artist where he often encountered clients seeking corrective procedures for poorly done SMP work. This motivated him to expand his skillset and become a certified Laser Tattoo Removal Practitioner, allowing him to further support people’s confidence by erasing unwanted tattoos.

Before venturing into the tattoo removal industry, Grant spent several years working in mental health, providing care to individuals grappling with various mental health conditions in acute hospital settings. This background in mental health has instilled in him a deep desire to help people overcome their difficulties and lead a more content and self-assured life.

If you are contemplating laser tattoo removal to remedy an unsatisfactory tattoo, do not hesitate to reach out to Grant. He is always willing to discuss the procedure and share his own experience with no obligation to proceed. Contact Laser Perfection today for more information.

Beth Warnes

Beth became part of the business in 2022, and now she does laser tattoo removal alongside Grant as well as behind-the-scenes parts of the business. Beth loves her job as a laser practitioner as it’s something new each day; she is particularly interested in SMPU removal and will be looking at different treatments in the future.

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